August Update

2016-08-04 21:26:00 by kryzon

A lot of things have happened over the last few months regarding my Newgrounds page.

In March, a collab titled The Phobia Collab focusing on...uh...I think it was phobias. I animated a part for "Macrophobia", fear of long waits. It got daily 3rd and was on the frontpage for a while! kool!!

In late June, I made a video for Round 1 of the NG Summer Jams. The theme was "Loop", and it's a robot makin' some damn sushi.

In early July, the theme for Round 2 was released...and it was "robot jobs". I am actually the luckiest person alive. I animated quite a bit for that but it was never finished. Who knows, maybe I'll finish it someday or upload a reel of unfinished stuff.

Most recently, for Round 3, "Sound", I made a cartoon about a normal ol' television, called CRTrouble. It features the voice of the talented @mrgiggles01 and a extremely super secret hard-to-find ultra rare collectors edition gold-plated cameo by @TomFulp. It got Daily 2nd today, which i was beyond happy about as it's my first trophy for something I made all by me'self. (not the voices tho :O)

thats all for now...TONS of stuff coming in the future! stay tooned!


- johnny (thats my real name, crazy right?)


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2016-08-05 08:44:45

Good stuff! How much is left for your Robot Jobs animation? I like that everyone doing the jams will be able to look back on this summer and have a whole portfolio to show for it, makes the jams feel extra worthwhile.

kryzon responds:

Actually, just three shots are left but the animation in it honestly wasn't the best...